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Doopli was founded by Stefan Antonio McClinnahan in 2001 and started as a CD duplication company in hopes to compete with the likes of CD Baby, but as the industry shifted and streaming became popular amongst musicians, the need for those services declined. It was then decided to close the company and re-think the growth strategy.


In 2020 Stefan decided to shift gears and place a focus on the administration side of the industry and use the brand to help small, medium and large businesses grow. This included adding services that would help those companies generate a profit and provide resources to to help them understand the framework of media related industries, while staying connected with minority owned business that support the  local communities.

Doopli is a place that offers people with talents to use them to create and profit off of their creativity. We have several different ways that we support the media industry from music service to web artistry, there is a place for anyone to get involved and grow. Doopli has several relationships that help us offer specific benefits to our associates and in most cases, they can work independently after using our resources to start. 

We have entertainment relationships that allow us to connect with communities to provide young entrepreneurs with tools that will help them meet their educational and career goals. 

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